Hi. We're the Kung Fu Nuns.

We are nuns of the Drukpa lineage, a thousand year old Buddhist tradition that began in the Himalayas when the founder, The Gyalwang Drukpa, witnessed the miraculous flight of nine dragons into the sky. We believe we are returning to our true spiritual roots by championing gender equality, physical fitness, environmentally-friendly ways of living, and respect for all living beings. We began learning Kung Fu for self-defense and for building our inner and outer strength, and it has helped us with meditational focus, staying strong, and working hard for others. 

Most of us are from the Himalayas, a culturally diverse mountain range that stretches throughout Asia. More than half of us are from the Northern Indian region of Ladakh, a place sometimes called "The Crown Jewel of India." These days, most of us stay and train at Druk Amitabha Mountain Nunnery in Nepal, but many of us also live in Ladakh, Delhi, and beyond. Each of us has a unique story about why we wanted to become a nun, and we all share the common belief that we are here to help others.

We have many adventures. Each year, we do an "Eco-Pad Yatras" (usually 400+ miles long) on foot to pick up plastic litter, and educate locals on environmentally-friendly ways of living. Recently, we began doing Bicycle Yatras across all of India and Nepal to promote world peace and green transportation. These events take several months at a time to complete, often through rain, snow, wind, avalanches... We've seen everything.

In 2015, Nepal was struck with by a terrible 7.9 earthquake. With the support from an international non-profit called Live to Love, we were some of the first relief workers on the ground to distribute aid, which we initially took on foot to villages. Later, we were able to do a medical helicopter rescue, truck rescues, food and medicine distribution, provide solar power, and more. This year we helped build 201 homes for the victims of the earthquake.

We are also trained to organize and assist doctors in the Live to Love Eye Camps, where people are provided cataracts surgeries free of charge. Many of us are also trained technicians for solar panel work. There are many jobs we all rotate for on top of regular classes and spiritual practices, so our days are always full. Some of our other activities include animal rescue and care, music, dance, and theater. We do our own choreography, and sometimes even compose our own music.

In 2012, we were invited to perform Kung Fu at Olympic Park before the Olympics in the United Kingdom. Since then, we have performed in many places for thousands of people. We train very intensely, and hope to encourage other people to be confident and strong. 

Thank you for visiting our site. It's very new, so we will be expanding on it over time.

We train with swords, machetes, numchucks, and more

We train with swords, machetes, numchucks, and more